The thuja treatment for genital warts

         Thuja is one of those fabulous herbal remedies that work so well as a treatment for genital warts. There are in deed two types of thuja: thuja occidentals and thuja plicata but the type that is used in treating genital warts is thuja occidentalis.

             The thuja treatment for genital warts consists on using the thuja oil by applying it to the genital warts 3 times a day for an extended period of time ( up to three months) until the warts get dissolved. the downside of this kind of treatment is that it takes a good deal of patience and consistency from the user.

          In order for the thuja oil to work effectively in the treatment of genital warts, it must get mixed with other ingredients. For men, the thuja oil should be mixed with some olive oil before it is applied to the warts. It should then be rubbed against the infected areas 3 times a day until the warts disappear.

           For women the use of thuja is a little more tricky since it requires the use of two preparations: a fresh plant tincture of thuja leaves and thuja essential oil.

            It is however possible to take full advantage of the benefits of thuja without going through the drudgery of creating your own preparations. To do that you can use a natural medicine like Wartrol .

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3 Responses to “The thuja treatment for genital warts”

  1. HPV Warts Says:

    HPV infection can be dorminant in your body for such a long time unnoticed because its signs and symptoms in most cases do not manifest themselves.For many people who contact HPV infections, it becomes quite difficult to be diagonised owing to the fact that sometimes the signs of HPV warts are so invisible to the naked eye and due to lack of any signs or symptoms of the warts,one does not see the urgency of going for a check up.This is the reason why there are various methods to aid the physician in diagnosis of whether or not a person has genital HPV warts.

  2. Says:

    It is very important to be aware of the fact that HPV which is the main cause of the genital warts is not curable. Even after treatments, you will find that it will make a come back. Due to the nature of the HPV virus, a treatment for this condition would be to build the immune system allowing your body to suppress the virus Living with good health habits is a must for anyone infected with genital warts signs. Reason being that there is no medication known to help your immune system. It could take a long time for the virus to leave your body.Genital Warts infections most often occur during sexual activity. Maintaining a monogamous relationship is highly recommended. This is due to the fact that if one gets a different strain of HPV, it could be hard to tell whether it is a new infection, or whether the body is still fighting the old one.Maintaining good eating habits is crucial so that the immune system is restored back and is able to fight the invaders without too much of a strain either emotionally or physically.

  3. Persecution Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Persecution

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