Treating internal genital warts

The only topical gel that can be used in treating internal genital warts (inside the vagina or the cervix) is Alpha interferon. This gel is injected inside the vagina using a special applicator twice a day for five days in a row. Then after two days, the treatment is resumed for 5 other days until the warts are killed.

Internal genital warts can also be treated with Electrocautery, laser therapy and Cryosurgery (freezing).

To cure internal genital warts naturally, you can use an oral homeopathic medicine like Wartrol. This homeopathic medicine is taken orally to act internally on all types of genital warts (internal and external). It acts even on the genital warts that are still too small to be noticed and treated with other natural remedies or creams.

The way Wartrol acts is that it triggers a reaction of the immune system against the tissues of the warts to kill them naturally. The period of treatment with wartrol depends on the ability of the immune system to respond to the treatment and to the severity and the size of the warts. Click here to learn more about Wartrol!

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